Welcome To Dr. Ava Behzoumi, Marriage and Family Therapist

The premise of psychotherapy is to engage in open and honest communication with your therapist. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives in a supportive and collaborative environment can effect change and assist in achieving both personal and professional goals. An unbiased, objective, and genuinely caring therapist is a key component in your treatment/action plan. Learn more about me here.

A willingness to work with your therapist is needed as objectives are identified and addressed. Learning new strategies that can be utilized to adjust or improve patterns of thought processes, behaviors, and emotions can positively impact both your relationships with others and your overall well-being. Click here for more information about my services.

As you search for a way to improve your daily life, to heal what causes you pain, or to focus on a new goal, know that there is a personalized plan available to help you. As we work collaboratively to identify your concerns, we will build a supportive environment that will be based on your strengths. We will work toward achieving overall wellness, as we come to understand the resources we have available to us; we will be productive and positive.